Facilitate Meetings - Utah


Facilitate Meetings
Harness the Power of the People in the Room

August 20, 2020 - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

$399 if registered by July 20, 2020. Normally $599.

Location: Salt Lake City Metro Area



This one day program will provide tools, skills, and processes for maximizing the value of  business meetings. Let's face it. It's not the meetings you hate. It's the life you're giving up by being in the meetings. But if meetings could actually produce positive, meaningful results, life gets better real fast. That can and should happen for you in every meeting. We can show you how. And if you can breathe life back into meetings ... your stock goes up!

The workshop provides lots of tools and exercises to help you maximize meeting results.

  • It's Not The Meetings You Hate
  • Seven Destructive Meeting Behaviors
  • The Meeting Efficiency / Effectiveness Balance
  • Planning for Meeting Success
  • Ensuring Total Engagement During the Meeting
  • Learning from Every Meeting
  • Meeting Facilitator Toolbox
  • Five Powerful Points of Connection
  • Clarity Is Compelling
  • Closure Creates Commitment
  • STL Toolbox

Price: $399.00 (including $200 early discount)

Start Time: 8:30 am
End Time: 4:30 pm

Date: August 20, 2020

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