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Take a moment and imagine…

What if all your supervisors had the core leadership skills to inspire and motivate their people?
What if your managers became truly great at supporting and coaching their people to success?
What if your entire workforce was unified around one effective method of leadership?
What would a 20% increase in quality, productivity, safety, efficiency, and morale mean for your organization?
The answer: A huge bottom line impact!

Join the hundreds of organizations that have successfully created desired results and culture through Learning Point’s Strategic Leadership Solutions.

What makes Learning Point so different?

If you’re like many organizations, you have supervisors and managers who struggle to align and engage their teams. Learning Point is here to help.

Practical tools

Use step-by-step roadmaps and templates to help leaders take action and see immediate improvement.

Measurable results

Using our tools, you’ll see a measurable impact in your organization’s most important areas.

You're in the drivers seat

We’ll ensure your people continue to see you as their key source of direction and leadership.
Many supervisors and managers have good intentions and a real desire to succeed. We like to say: they have the mojo. What they lack, however, are the tools and skills necessary to unleash that mojo. Learning Point’s actionable roadmaps, trainings, and templates provide these leaders with a easy-to-use approach for owning their role and creating real team success.

But what makes us truly unique is our dedication to helping you, the workforce leader, support your people in such a way that they continue to look to you for direction and leadership, not us. We’ll customize our approach to fit your needs, and make sure you remain their key leader.

Using our tools and support, you’ll see measurable increases in the following:

1. Clarity: Your leaders will gain a lazer-like focus on what’s most important and learn how to help their teams establish clear expectations for themselves and each other.

2. Collaboration: Your leaders will become extremely effective at getting their teams to work together in harmony, getting more done with less setbacks.

3. Capacity: Your leaders will develop abilities that make them more capable leaders than ever before.

4. Consistency: Your leaders will know how to create systems of work within their teams that will allow them to get more done in less time.

The best part is that these changes will lead to marked improvements in both business results and organizational culture.

And in the end, you will have gained the credibility you deserve within your organization and formed a relationship with your people that’s not just transactional, but truly transformative.

"Learning Point helped us with a major leadership initiative that went extremely well. We have been very pleased and feel that finding them has been an important key in moving our company forward at many levels."

Director of Human Resources, WW Clyde and Geneva Rock Products

“Mark and the Learning Point team have a great ability to interact with our employees and provide tools and training to help them develop the skills necessary for success. I have worked with them for several years and the feedback from their services has always been very positive.”

Quality Assurance Manager, Daimler Truck North America

"None of our front line supervisors nor department managers had significant management training or experience to accomplish their leadership responsibilities. We have worked with Learning Point to enhance our entire supervisor function and based on our results, I am very pleased to endorse Learning Point."

Executive Director of a Large Social Agency

"The skill sets of 911 professionals are very high and other training resources often prove inadequate. I was impressed how quickly and thoroughly Learning Point were able to identify the specific needs of our industry and develop a framework for content and delivery. We will continue to contract with them going forward."

Manager of a 911 Center

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