Personal Productivity Tools

Clarity. Accountability. Workflow. Workspace. Time.

This learning experience consists of the following key sessions:

  1. PPT 1: Overview
  2. PPT 2: Clarity
  3. PPT 3: Accountability
  4. PPT 4: Workflow
  5. PPT 5: Workspace
  6. PPT 6: Time
  7. PPT 7: Execute

As you enegage in the Personal Productivity Tools learning experience, be sure to download and print the following handouts.

  1. For Session 1 – OVERVIEW HANDOUT
  2. For Session 2 – CLARITY HANDOUT
  4. For Session 4 – WORKFLOW HANDOUT
  5. For Session 5 – WORKSPACE HANDOUT
  6. For Session 6 – TIME HANDOUT
  7. For Session 7 – EXECUTION HANDOUT

Organize yourself, your work, your workspace, and your time. Learn key tips for creating focus, doing less, accomplishing more, and spending less time doing it all.

This workshop series will provide you with practical tools that you can begin using even before you leave the session.

Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of the Personal Productivity Tools learning experience.

Complete the online lessons. Apply the tools and templates to your work situation. Contact your learning facilitator at any time. Master best practices and create new patterns of productivity within the context of your actual job. There is no better way to learn.


  • Complete Each Online Lesson
  • Use Your Workbook as a Guide
  • Ask Questions to Your Facilitator
  • Discuss What You Learn with Associates


  • Apply What You Learn
  • Download the Online Tools
  • Complete the Application Assignments
  • Adjust the Templates to Your Situation


  • Check in with Your Facilitator
  • Track Your Progress
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Check in with Your Coach