The magic of what we do is in what we do as a team.
Each member provides an important and unique contribution to the overall goal.

We create practical, state-of-the-art leadership learning solutions. For more than 30 years, Learning Point has had the privilege of helping a variety of organizations throughout the world develop their leaders by providing customized tools, training programs, and work methods that produce measurable results. We look forward to talking with you about the results you would like to achieve.

We realize that the solutions we provide mean very little unless they create value for you. At the end of the day, everything we do must help produce tangible measurable results. Our work is not done until that happens. When you choose Learning Point, you are choosing a solution partner – one that will see to it that you receive the value you deserve and the results you are looking for.


Tory Hebdon

Strategic Partner, Western States.

Tory is heading up our western states services. He is an accomplished facilitator with nearly 25 years of experience in high-tech and engineering environments, based in Boise, Idaho. With ongoing relationships with industry giants like Micron Technology and IBM, Tory brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the table. Certified in the Prosci method for managing change, Tory's expertise as a Senior Organizational Change Manager is marked by a diverse skill set in semiconductor operations and a deep understanding of driving organizational evolution and culture.

Having founded "A Life Well Lived... Benefit Corporation" in 2017, Tory is dedicated to guiding individuals and businesses towards holistic success. Through close collaboration with the John Maxwell organization, Tory has honed the ability to enhance leadership capacity in individuals, teams, and organizations.

Tory's educational background from Brigham Young University - Idaho, coupled with a robust portfolio of leadership, change management, and influential training certifications, highlights a unique blend of technical proficiency and coaching prowess. Endorsed skills range from life coaching and leadership training to data analysis and strategic communications, making Tory a transformative force in professional and personal development spheres.

Beyond work, Tory finds fulfillment in family, community service, and outdoor activities, always seeking opportunities to empower others to excel in what matters most to them.

Julia Weaver

Strategic Partner, Southeast States.

Julia A Weaver is a veteran coach and skilled facilitator equipped with her MSEd, and certifications as a Professional Coach, Executive Leadership Coach, YouMap® Coach, and Disaster Recovery Coach to meet the needs of an array of diverse individuals, teams, and organizations. She has years of experience in a wide variety of disciplines. Beginning her career as a Division I college basketball coach, she began to hone her coaching muscle. In every position she has held, she has been able to weave coaching throughout every interaction. She has worked in the education world, the non-profit sector, retail, healthcare, telecommunications, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Julia prides herself in her ability to listen and ask the “right” questions! Through the questions, she can guide YOU on YOUR journey to discover the best in you. She can help you identify and create goals and she is the ultimate supporter.

Julia has facilitated courses for leader development, trainer skilling, and personal and professional development. She is a certified facilitator and loves it! Courses, workshops, and topics she has experience delivering include Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives/workshops, Leader Development, Change Management, Strategic Planning, Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Values, Trust, and even systems training such as Salesforce. Julia is a motivational speaker, and her signature topics include, The Triple Threat of Leading - Exploring the concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, and Execution, Developing Team Norms - Learn how to build trust, define expectations, and improve the way the team works together, and Develop your Xs and Os using the Fundamentals - Creating a strategy for becoming the kind of leader you want to be. All of these topics stem from her first book titled, Hoopspeak: The Xs and Os of Leading Through the Language of Basketball, released in March 2022.

Julia loves the beach and exploring small towns. Her favorite person is her niece, Sophie!

Lenny Borer

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

For over 35 years, Lenny has been helping leaders grow ... and helping organizations grow their leader. For years he has been one of the leading facilitators up and down the west coast.

Past clients include education, government, public agencies, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and utilities. Lenny works with individuals, small teams, large groups and leadership boards.

Lenny holds a B.S. in Psychology with Honors from UCLA and a M.A. in Counseling from the University of Oregon He is certified in DiSC, Blanchard's SLII, and a variety of Learning Point's offerings. Because of his background in drama and theatre, Lenny is known far and wide for his role as "Bill."

Lenny resides in downtown Portland, Oregon. We feel very fortunate to have him on our team.


Lisa Christensen

Owner and CEO

Lisa has been at the center of business support, strength, and synergy for Learning Point Group for over 33 years. Leadership comes natural to her. She provides the ideal blend of pragmatism and social grace to help our team through all sorts of ups and downs.

Lisa handles the core business systems and processes that keep Learning Point headed in the right direction. In her spare time, she also built and ran a successful interior design business for over 20 years. Oh, and raised three charming children.

Lisa enjoys hiking, movies, decorating, books, pickleball, and family. Her eight grandchildren occupy most of her time and her heart.

Lisa loves the sunny weather and redrock canyons surrounding Saint George, Utah.

Larry Hancock

Strategic Advisor – Executive Leadership and Healthcare Leadership.

Larry Hancock has over 35 years of healthcare leadership experience. He began with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) where he served as CFO for three different HCA facilities and CEO for HCA’s St. Mark’s Hospital.

Larry was the first President/CEO of Molina Healthcare of Utah. He was also President of Altius Health Plans and served as the Utah/Nevada Region President for IASIS Healthcare where he oversaw the development of five hospitals. In addition, Larry served as Region President of Intermountain Healthcare’s Central Region, responsible for Intermountain’s five acute care adult hospitals in Salt Lake County. As senior partner with ERH Healthcare, Larry worked with other partners in managing multiple rural hospitals throughout Georgia.

Larry is currently a professor within the Master of Healthcare Administration program at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. Larry clearly knows a few things about “summit level” leadership. The wisdom he shares about senior leadership teams resonates powerfully with leaders in a wide variety of industries and environments.

Larry and his wife live at the base of the Wasatch mountains in Sandy Utah.

Shirley Bain

Office Manager.

Shirley is a brilliant combination of collaboration, practicality, and grace. She has many years of administrative experience and it shows. Seriously!

In addition, she is excellent at working with people, coordinating projects, creating materials, and just figuring stuff out. So, we feel fortunate having her keep us organized and on schedule.

Currently, Shirley lives in Vancouver, Washington and helps to keep our main office in top shape.

In her spare time, she enjoys her community service, family, and a variety of hobbies.


Mark Christensen

Founder & Advisor

Mark Christensen founded Learning Point Group in 1989. Since day one, he has been the creative force behind its content, tools, and learning solutions. He has a special gift for speaking the language of the “leaders in the trenches” and giving leaders at all levels the tools to excel in their challenging roles. Mark has a passion for workplace learning and is extremely talented at creating targeted learning solutions that address relevant business needs.

Mark is also enjoying his role as a senior consulting partner with the Blanchard organization – which puts him in front of leaders around the world on a weekly basis. This is an experience and affiliation that Mark truly cherishes.

His professional background includes partnering with senior leadership teams to truly "lead as one" as they fortify culture, implement strategy, grow talent, engage people, and increase operating results. Mark has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of organizations in numerous sectors and industries, including federal, state and local governments, utilities, energy, aerospace, electronics, mining, wood products, hospitality, and health care. He has developed numerous leadership processes and tools that are being used by organizations throughout the world. In all his projects, Mark emphasizes the vital need to tie learning efforts to the performance goals of the organization.

Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication from Brigham Young University. He and his wife Lisa divide their time between Saint George, Utah and Vancouver, Washington. They have three amazing children, two beautiful daughters-in-law, one talented son-in-law, and nine angelic yet energetic grandchildren.