You Got This!

The transition from worker to leader
can be both challenging and enthralling.
We can help you get it right.

We recommend the following options.


MOXIE means a force to be reckoned with.

This learning journey is designed specifically for the working professional, new employee, and emerging leader, who desires to increase their personal power, credibility, and effectiveness. To become the "X" factor within their work.

Character, competence, and collaboration are the main MOXIE factors. They are the currency for today's workplace professional. No tricks. No gimmicks.

This focused learning experience will help you unleash your MOXIE and establish a powerful foundation of character, competence, and collaboration.

MOXIE will give you tools, teach you techniques, and build your skills. But it all starts by creating a clear and compelling MOXIE mindset. Your way. It is your MOXIE. Your choice. With your mindset in place, you will be ready to master relevant skills and practices – habits for sustained success.


LEADERSHIP BOOT CAMP has been an extremely popular workshop for over a decade. And it just got even better.

No longer just a workshop, it is now a complete learning experience for anyone who is ready to own their role and up their game as a leader. Just as powerful and even more convenient, flexible, and "real-time."

Make no mistake, this is not a passive experience. It is an online process that enables on-the-job, continuous, learning. Don't just learn about leadership. Learn how to lead.

The learning journey will focus on four essential factors of success as a leader.





Let's get started!


You've done a great job in your current position, so they promote you to team leader, supervisor, or manager. You get the new title and responsibility and you soon discover the role of leader is vastly different from that of worker. You need new tools, training, guidance, and support. The formula for success has changed. It's exciting, and scary, and risky, and rewarding, all wrapped into one.

NEW LEADER LAUNCH will help to ensure your success. It provides a self-directed, step-by-step process to manage your own transition into your new role as a workplace leader.

Make the choice to lead. Nail the transition. Own your success.

- Ten launch roadmaps to help you set your course for success.
- Fifty launch assignments from which to choose. Real work for new leaders.
- Direct access to our leadership coaches whenever you have a question.
- Access to your New Leader Launch online account for 12 months.
- You got this! And we got your back!


Smart Pass

Full access for one learner
through 2022


Provides you full access to all of our workshops, tools, web sessions,
coaching, and support for one full year.

Smart Pass

Full access for your entire
organization through 2022


Provide your leaders full access for an entire year for just $599 per person
with a minimum of 10 team members. Larger team packages also available!